We have sometimes encountered our clients complaining our selling prices are too high to them as comparing to ready-to-wear club dancing dress.

We would like to explain that is due to for competition costume is always “made-to-measure” each piece at one time, not like mass production. So it will need to pay a lot of attention in the detailed sewing techniques, inner bodysuit and dress pattern fit, plus SWAROVSKI ™ – Swarovski Elements design work for you to be seen from far distance and look good on the dance floor.

There are many other cheap dress producers copying our designs look or stealing our pictures to sell to their clients, but will mostly cannot generate the same result for the fabric quality, dress fit and the most important skirt movements etc.

Normally in the current custom ballroom/latin dress market boutique prices in USA and Europe can be up to 2000~5000€/per each custom dress.

As comparing to super high price or very low quality cheap price, we offer a medium/high competitive price range to help our clients to own their ideal dresses without spending too much money, but still can look glamous on the dance floor!

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